Live from Section 115…

This weekend was nonstop fun! It all started Friday evening after work. I had tickets to the UCONN – Northeastern University hockey game at the XL Center, so I met up with my friend that went to the Breaking Benjamin concert with me. While the game wasn’t great performance-wise, it was so entertaining. Here’s why:

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Singing, The Russian Lady, and Deadpool

This weekend can be summarized in three words (well, three phrases if you want to be completely correct…):


The Russian Lady.



One of the things I do outside of my job is sing. I’m a member of the Farmington Valley Chorus, which is a chapter of Sweet Adelines International. We meet every Wednesday in Simsbury, and we sing a variety of songs arranged in barbershop style. Throughout the year we have a lot of performances, one of them being our regional competition. This weekend, we had a coaching session at our rehearsal space to get ready for competition. The person who coached us was Betty Clipman, who has a reputation of being amazing. She has directed not one but two winning choruses, and is also a “Queen of Harmony” (which is pretty much the highest honor someone in Sweet Adelines can get).

Our coaching session was tough, but in a good way. She got us thinking about a lot of different things relating to how we sing, which I’ve been thinking about since then. I will  admit to being nervous at times because when someone of that caliber is working with you, you really want to do your best. Overall, it was an impactful two days. Continue reading “Singing, The Russian Lady, and Deadpool”

Finding Peace in New Hartford

Some days, you just need time to yourself.

After such an exciting weekend last week, I wanted to do something a little more relaxing. I also had things to do today, so balance was key.

This morning I went to my Saturday exercise class, then made my way over to our local Costco to pick out some new glasses. Costco was packed, partly because it’s Saturday and partly because of this:

It’s always packed on Sample Day.

I returned home to have lunch and figure out what I was going to do this afternoon. I could have succombed to the proverbial “netflix and chill” (hey, A Beautiful Mind was on!), but I had better plans in mind. I hopped in my car, and made my way out to the Litchfield Hills.

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“Your Light Shines Brighter”

Hi! Welcome to the first entry of “Outside My Nine to Five”! I hope you’ll enjoy this blog and come back often!

So, on to this weekend’s adventures! Saturday, my buddy and I saw Breaking Benjamin and Starset at the Dome at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, CT. This show was part of Breaking Benjamin’s acoustic tour, which piqued my interest. Having heard both bands before, and having an appreciation for acoustic music, I was pretty excited to see them!

“What’s so bad about Nickelback?”

Outside the Oakdale Theater
Outside the Oakdale Theater

We got to the Oakdale around six since there was some confusion about when the show would start. Our tickets said eight, but we had seen online that the show would start at seven. As it turns out, seven o’clock was when the doors opened. Thankfully, we were not the only ones waiting (and freezing) in line for the next hour. We chatted with a group of people around our age about a lot of things…including Nickelback.

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