“Your Light Shines Brighter”

Hi! Welcome to the first entry of “Outside My Nine to Five”! I hope you’ll enjoy this blog and come back often!

So, on to this weekend’s adventures! Saturday, my buddy and I saw Breaking Benjamin and Starset at the Dome at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, CT. This show was part of Breaking Benjamin’s acoustic tour, which piqued my interest. Having heard both bands before, and having an appreciation for acoustic music, I was pretty excited to see them!

“What’s so bad about Nickelback?”

Outside the Oakdale Theater
Outside the Oakdale Theater

We got to the Oakdale around six since there was some confusion about when the show would start. Our tickets said eight, but we had seen online that the show would start at seven. As it turns out, seven o’clock was when the doors opened. Thankfully, we were not the only ones waiting (and freezing) in line for the next hour. We chatted with a group of people around our age about a lot of things…including Nickelback.

Anyone who follows rock music in some form knows Nickelback is the band everyone loves to hate. Our group was in agreement on this fact, except for one guy who attempted to play Devil’s Advocate.

“What’s so bad about Nickelback?” he asked.

Everyone burst into laughter.

“EVERYTHING!” his buddy replied.

Later, one of the Oakdale staff came out with a sign made to look like an Instagram post. She asked,

“Do you guys want to take a picture with our Instagram sign?”

A couple said, “Sure” to which my buddy started singing,

“Look at this photograph…”

Once again, the crowd erupted into peals of laughter.

Seven o’clock finally came, and we hurried into the Dome to warm up. I’ve never been to the Dome, and it is honestly one of the nicest small venues I have ever been to! It’s got wood paneling on the ceiling, and the bar has a chalkboard to write their menu. The atmosphere was very relaxed, which I enjoyed. About an hour later, Starset came out!


For their first acoustic tour, Starset put on an excellent set. The mood was very relaxed

Starset Wine Bottle

and matched the atmosphere of the arena itself. About halfway through the set, they paid homage to David Bowie with a cover of “Space Oddity” that was as good as the original. My favorite song, though, was “My Demons”. When Dustin started screaming…it was unbelievable. Everyone was so impressed; which led to this moment:

“So, you guys like screaming and drinks. Looks like tomorrow, it’s screaming and drinks!” – Dustin Bates, Starset

(For those who are wondering about the drinks, Dustin was drinking wine straight out of the bottle every so often during the set. How much he drank, we don’t know…but it caused a guy in the crowd to start yelling, “Chug! Chug! Chug!”)

Breaking Benjamin

IMG_1059Breaking Benjamin…wow. The crowd was engaged right from the start, singing and screaming along to every song. I can’t even explain how amazing this set was. Even though it was acoustic, the band played as hard as if it was your typical rock show. Their set included hits from all of their albums and three awesome covers; “Message in a Bottle”, “Aenema”, and “Would”. They even pulled out “Polyamorous” from their very first album! The best part of the set was during “Give Me a Sign”, when everyone pulled out their flashlights and held them up during the bridge. It was one of those moments where, as a crowd, we were all united.

Overall, I left this show completely satisfied. Everything I experienced gave me my money’s worth, and I would LOVE to go to the Dome again!



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