Live from Section 115…

This weekend was nonstop fun! It all started Friday evening after work. I had tickets to the UCONN – Northeastern University hockey game at the XL Center, so I met up with my friend that went to the Breaking Benjamin concert with me. While the game wasn’t great performance-wise, it was so entertaining. Here’s why:

“This section is sponsored by Aughe!”

My friend and I were seated up in section 115 behind two guys whom I can only describe as Wayne’s World incarnate. They came up with SO many creative and hilarious lines throughout the game, including riffs on SNL (see Sean Connery). The best part was not just that they were funny, they TRULY love sports! My friend and I chatted with these two for at least a half an hour (between bouts of snickering and laughter, of course) about the Rangers, the Devils, the Mets, the Indians…you get the idea. They were the perfect company to have during the game.

I added to the entertainment during the second intermission. There was a dance cam competition to win $25 to Mohegan Sun, and I really wanted it! I started out dancing in my seat, but then realized I would need to get up if I was going to get any sort of attention. I stood up, continued dancing, and sure enough the camera pointed to me! It turned into a battle between myself and another guy in a different section. He ended up winning, but everyone in my section felt I got robbed. Nonetheless, I had a great time!

An Evening in Newington

The next evening, I went over a different friend’s house for a small party. This friend lives in a beautiful farmhouse on a secluded dirt road in Newington. As you drive down, you see an abandoned brick mansion that is both forboding and interesting. It has definitely been around for a number of years, and I would bet that there are tons of great stories inside its walls.

The inside of my friend’s house is just as great as the outside, if not moreso. This friend is an artist who specializes in mixed media art, and her work is displayed all over the house. When I saw her studio, I was FLOORED. I wish I could have a space like that of my own, a dedicated peaceful place to be creative. I loved it!

During the party, we played a couple of games that I haven’t played before: Telestrations and Cards against Humanity. Telestrations is interesting; it is a hybrid of Pictionary and Telephone, so we had to take a phrase, draw it, and then pass our pad on to the next person. They had to look at the drawing and guess what the word was, and then the process would begin again. We all had a great time trying to figure out the game, and our drawings yielded hilarious results.

The Stadium Series

Sunday, I drove down to my friend’s place in Bridgeport to watch the Stadium Series between the Minnesota Wild and the Chicago Blackhawks. The game turned into a blowout, but it was exciting to watch! It was also great being able to hang out with my friend since he lives so far away.

Driving down to Bridgeport is an adventure. Anyone who has driven through Connecticut knows that if you want to get to Bridgeport you have to take Route 8, and Route 8 involves a “lovely” structure called the Mixmaster. One tall, ominous piece of concrete can get you to three different parts of the state; and if you’re not in the right lane, you’ll end up in the wrong place. Bridgeport also involves a short foray on the Merritt Parkway, which is notorious for being awful. Regardless of how horrible the highway is, the scenery is beautiful. You drive from suburbs, to city, to rural Connecticut, and back to suburbs and city. In the right weather (and right traffic pattern), it is a very peaceful drive.

I can’t wait for this weekend – I’ve got more hockey in store! Come back to see what happens next!


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