Singing in Bloomfield

Last weekend, I had a concert with the Farmington Valley Chorus at Old St. Andrew’s Church in Bloomfield. My concert itself was awesome – I love performing. What I really enjoyed though, was the venue!

Old St. Andrew’s is in a somewhat rural part of Bloomfield, near the Simsbury line. It’s not the first image that comes to mind when you think of Bloomfield, considering it’s a town that borders West Hartford, Hartford and Windsor which are more city-like. I had to take a few back roads through Simsbury and Tariffville to get there, and it was a wonderful ride. Continue reading “Singing in Bloomfield”


Catching up!

Again, I’m writing after another busy week. I’ve not been feeling well, so the past couple weekends have been pretty low-key. Last weekend, my grandmother came for a visit and we went to my family’s favorite Thai restaurant; Bamboo Grill. Bamboo Grill is a small, family friendly restaurant on Route 44 in Avon. The staff are super friendly and take the time to make you feel welcome. The food is just as delicious! That evening, I had their summer rolls and their Bun Tom Nuong (which is shrimp on rice noodles, lettuce, bean sprouts, with fried onions, peanuts, and a house sauce). The summer rolls were light and flavorful, definitely living up to its name. The Bun Tom Nuong was delicious – I’ve had it at other Thai restaurants, but the way it is prepared at Bamboo Grill makes it my favorite! There is a perfect balance between the noodles, the meat, and the toppings; which can be a challenge at other restaurants. By the time we were done with our meal, we were so satisfied we didn’t need dessert!

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Huskies and Bruins

Sorry for the delay! It’s been a very busy week and I now have a chance to blog. Last weekend was mostly hockey, with a road trip to Rhode Island in between!

Game #1: UCONN Senior Night

Goal Celebration

Friday night I went to UCONN’s senior night at the XL Center. I hadn’t been feeling so great, but the game was sure to perk me up. I got there a little late and as I was entering the arena, UCONN had scored their first goal of the night. Unlike the last game, where UCONN was playing a much better team, UCONN was more evenly matched.


I was back in Section 115 again, and the two guys I sat in front of last time were back and as funny as ever. During the second and third period, they were doing a running commentary that left everyone in stitches. With them, and UCONN’s eventual victory, Senior Night was a huge success!

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