Huskies and Bruins

Sorry for the delay! It’s been a very busy week and I now have a chance to blog. Last weekend was mostly hockey, with a road trip to Rhode Island in between!

Game #1: UCONN Senior Night

Goal Celebration

Friday night I went to UCONN’s senior night at the XL Center. I hadn’t been feeling so great, but the game was sure to perk me up. I got there a little late and as I was entering the arena, UCONN had scored their first goal of the night. Unlike the last game, where UCONN was playing a much better team, UCONN was more evenly matched.


I was back in Section 115 again, and the two guys I sat in front of last time were back and as funny as ever. During the second and third period, they were doing a running commentary that left everyone in stitches. With them, and UCONN’s eventual victory, Senior Night was a huge success!

Game #2: Providence Bruins vs. Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins

Sunday was my big road trip to Rhode Island! My best friend from college lives in the greater Boston area, and I haven’t seen her in a long time. We knew Providence was a halfway point, so the game was a great opportunity to meet up.

I met up with our mutual friend down in Niantic and made our way out to Providence. It was a beautiful early afternoon, so the scenery along the shoreline was very pretty. I will admit, I was the most excited when we entered Providence. The view coming in from Route 495 shows both sides of the city: the bustling metropolis to your left and the historic hilly neighborhoods on your right.


After we parked, my friend and I walked over to the train station to pick up my other friend. Once we got her, it was on to the Dunkin’ Donuts Center. The arena itself is pretty big – it fits about 10,000 people – and according to their website was renovated in 2008. Inside, there was a sold-out crowd ready to see the Bruins take on one of their fierce rivals; the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins.

The Game

The game was awesome – high energy, with lots of action! Providence showed great skills IMG_1121on offense, shooting hard on net throughout the game. By the end of the game, they had racked up 50 shots on goal, compared to Wilkes-Barre’s 25. Had their goalie not been on top of his game, the score definitely would have been higher. The animosity between the two teams was not lost on the crowd, though. During the third period, there were three fights within ten minutes of each other. One of them was an all-out brawl! For the most part, I felt I got my money’s worth with the game…with the exception of the second period.

That Time I Spent a Period at the Concession Stand

So, I didn’t spend the whole period waiting at the concession stand on purpose. I had headed over to the stand behind our section during the first intermission; thinking I could get my popcorn and soda and be on my way in five minutes. Sadly, I (along with the 50 other people standing with me) was wrong. Five minutes turned into 15…into 30…and eventually 35 minutes later it was my turn. The concession stand was incredibly short-staffed and not prepared to handle such a big crowd. When I finally returned to my seat, I was pretty miffed. I got over it, though.

I wish I could have stayed in Providence longer, but there wasn’t a lot to do after the game. Most things closed at six, so after dinner we drove our friend up to her house in Massachusetts and then made our way home. It was such a great getaway that I hope we can do it again!



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