Catching up!

Again, I’m writing after another busy week. I’ve not been feeling well, so the past couple weekends have been pretty low-key. Last weekend, my grandmother came for a visit and we went to my family’s favorite Thai restaurant; Bamboo Grill. Bamboo Grill is a small, family friendly restaurant on Route 44 in Avon. The staff are super friendly and take the time to make you feel welcome. The food is just as delicious! That evening, I had their summer rolls and their Bun Tom Nuong (which is shrimp on rice noodles, lettuce, bean sprouts, with fried onions, peanuts, and a house sauce). The summer rolls were light and flavorful, definitely living up to its name. The Bun Tom Nuong was delicious – I’ve had it at other Thai restaurants, but the way it is prepared at Bamboo Grill makes it my favorite! There is a perfect balance between the noodles, the meat, and the toppings; which can be a challenge at other restaurants. By the time we were done with our meal, we were so satisfied we didn’t need dessert!

The DocksThis weekend brought the onset of spring! The weather has been gorgeous the past few days, so I have taken the opportunity to get outside as much as I’ve been able to. My favorite place to go is Tunxis Mead Park in Farmington. Inside the park is a set of running and walking trails that take you along the Farmington River and connect you to the Farmington Rails-to-Trails bike path. These trails are also home to a legendary spot called “The Docks”. Not to be confused with the Farmington crew docks, “The Docks” is a homemade rope swing tied precariously on a tree that hangs over the river. It is a very popular spot during the summer. Kids will come by “The Docks” with their friends to hang out and be adventurous, and families will use the entrance to “The Docks” as a place for their dogs to swim in the river.

I frequent the trails at Tunxis Mead often during the warmer months, particularly because the hills and valleys along the trail are perfect for running! I love the feeling of approaching the crest of a hill and sprinting downward, my momentum almost like flight. The trails are also very peaceful, allowing me the time to enjoy the world around me while I’m away from home.

The slower pace of the past two weekends has allowed me to rest and (hopefully) start feeling better! Next weekend I have a chorus concert, so you will get to hear about that!


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