I’m back!

It’s been a while since I last wrote. I had a health scare towards the end of last month, and fortunately everything has worked out!

I haven’t been doing a lot on the weekends because I haven’t felt well. The last time I really did something was at the end of March. It was my friend’s birthday weekend, and she planned a night out that Friday and a fun dinner on Saturday. That Friday, we went to Casona; a salsa club in the south end of Hartford. The area around Casona is kind of gritty, but the inside is beautiful! When you enter, you immediately see the bar area completely painted in a bright blue. In the corner, a Latin band was playing beautiful acoustic music. I loved listening to it, but I was really there to be with my friend and dance!

On Friday nights, Casona has free salsa dancing lessons in a large room towards the back of the building. They have two instructors that teach you a basic salsa step and help you through some partner work. I personally have two left feet, so it took me a little bit to pick it up. Regardless, I had a lot of fun trying something new!

Saturday was dinner at Chili’s in Newington, and it was a great time. The best part about dinner was hanging out with old friends and new ones. We ended up staying until the restaurant closed because we were talking so much. At one point one of the girls at dinner brought out a mini pinata that was filled with Reese’s easter eggs, as well as a bag of Ring Pops. The Ring Pops added an interesting element to dinner…because they led to numerous “That’s what she said” jokes.

I’m hoping now that the weather is nicer I can adventure outside! Keep an eye on my blog to see what happens next!


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