This weekend was my five year college reunion, which brought me to the gritty but wonderful city of Worcester, Massachusetts. I had been looking forward to this event for months. I couldn’t wait to catch up with old friends, see how much my university has changed since I graduated, and relive my college days (at least, for a little while…). By the time I left Saturday evening, I felt I had achieved those goals and more.

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Celebrations and an Oasis in Brooklyn

My weekend was jam-packed with things to celebrate! As I mentioned in my last entry, my chorus had our annual Sweet Adelines competition in Springfield. I typically go up for the day, so I drove at dawn to make it to my 7:30 AM rehearsal. The cool thing about traveling so early in the morning is seeing the mist rising from the ground. It’s almost like driving through clouds, but with less chance of oxygen deprivation.

Symphony Hall

After I got to Springfield, I was in performance mode. From rehearsing to getting ready, the morning was a blur. Then, we made our way over to Symphony Hall for the big show!  Symphony Hall is a historic theater filled with gold ornate finishings and red velvet covering the seats and the curtains. The stone exterior is absolutely beautiful and adds to the charm of downtown Springfield. Rumor has it the basement of Symphony Hall (where the green room is) also served as a bomb shelter during World War II because of the rugged exterior.

The theater itself is a great place to view a show – there isn’t a bad sightline to be found! I enjoyed watching the other choruses, though the results of our competition were firmly in the back of my mind. We were all waiting with baited breath to find out who won; and we were overjoyed to find out we were first in our division and second overall!

As I was driving home, I called all my friends to tell them the fantastic news. It was at this time that I was invited by my friend in Bridgeport to visit New York City the next day! Continue reading “Celebrations and an Oasis in Brooklyn”

Mother’s Day Fun!

Happy Mother’s Day! This weekend was full of family fun, starting on Friday night when I took my mom to Scene Art Bar in Unionville.

Scene Art Bar

Scene Art Bar is part of the revitalization of Unionville Center. The building it’s located in used to be an old factory a stone’s throw away from the Farmington River. Many of the factory buildings along the river had been dilapidated, and some were destroyed beginning in 2008. The ones that were saved have been turned into apartments, restaurants and business spaces.

The inside of Scene Art Bar is gorgeous! Exposed brick and high windows pair beautifully with floors made from reclaimed wood.   The space is large compared to other paint bars I’ve been to, which makes the experience very relaxing. The bar has a good selection of beer, cider and wine, and they also have complimentary coffee (donations for the coffee are encouraged, and funds raised go to local charities!). Along the walls are examples of paintings you can paint at Scene, as well as art from local artists. Continue reading “Mother’s Day Fun!”