Mother’s Day Fun!

Happy Mother’s Day! This weekend was full of family fun, starting on Friday night when I took my mom to Scene Art Bar in Unionville.

Scene Art Bar

Scene Art Bar is part of the revitalization of Unionville Center. The building it’s located in used to be an old factory a stone’s throw away from the Farmington River. Many of the factory buildings along the river had been dilapidated, and some were destroyed beginning in 2008. The ones that were saved have been turned into apartments, restaurants and business spaces.

The inside of Scene Art Bar is gorgeous! Exposed brick and high windows pair beautifully with floors made from reclaimed wood.   The space is large compared to other paint bars I’ve been to, which makes the experience very relaxing. The bar has a good selection of beer, cider and wine, and they also have complimentary coffee (donations for the coffee are encouraged, and funds raised go to local charities!). Along the walls are examples of paintings you can paint at Scene, as well as art from local artists.


That evening Mom and I were painting wine glasses; which is something neither of us have done before. I was drawn to the fact that, like painting a mug at a pottery studio, the results of my work will become usable art! I was also excited to find out that the instructor for the evening, Katie, was one of my high school classmates! Katie did an awesome job guiding us through painting our glasses and interacting with us throughout the process. She made the whole experience a lot of fun, and the result was the two beautiful wine glasses you see above!

Mother’s Day in Massachusetts

The next day, my family drove out to the South Shore of Massachusetts to spend the weekend with my grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousins. We had a fun family dinner, and capped off the evening with watching the Washington Capitals – Pittsburgh Penguins game. Today, we had brunch at the Cask ‘n Flagon in Marshfield. The Cask ‘n Flagon is a spacious upscale sports bar with multiple televisions spaced out along the walls. Being a sports bar in Massachusetts, there was plenty of Red Sox memorabilia to be found. They also had a patio outside with a small fire element, which impressed many of the kids that had come for brunch. The brunch itself was pretty nice; they had a selection of breakfast and lunch foods at the buffet, including a carving station. They also had make your own omelettes, which were delicious!

My mom really appreciated her Mother’s Day weekend, which I was happy about. The past month or so has been crazy, and I’m glad she had some time to relax. This upcoming weekend is going to be intense – my chorus has our regional competition! Come back and see what happens next!


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