A Month of Adventuring

It’s been a while since I last wrote. Frankly I’ve been wondering what direction this blog should go next. I’ve been posting about my weekends and the places I’ve been, but I don’t know if that is enough. I want to know what you would like to see on this site, or if there are any places you would like me to feature! Post a comment, and I will make sure to read it!

Anyways, back to the blog:

Eli Cannons

Over the past month, I’ve had the pleasure of going to Eli Cannon’s Tap Room in Middletown, CT with a few of my friends. Eli Cannon’s is one of the staples of NoRa  (North of Rapallo Avenue); a neighborhood with a bunch of great restaurants and community organizations. The building is covered in murals, graffiti and band stickers, which complements the overall punk-rock motif. I haven’t been inside of Eli’s yet – my friends and I have taken to relaxing on their back patio that is complete with a “beach”. The atmosphere is edgy and fun, and they have a good selection of alcohol and food. I anticipate going there more during the summer, especially if I’m visiting my friend that lives nearby.

Fenway Park

Earlier this month, my friend that lives near Boston invited me to a Red Sox game her family had won tickets to. This, of course, meant a trip to Fenway Park! Fenway Park is one of the oldest baseball stadiums in the United States, and the inside of the stadium honors its history while providing the modern amenities needed to serve thousands of fans on game day. My tickets were in the Loge section on the ground level near right field. We were able to see the game up close and personal, which was awesome and frightening at the same time. There were a few balls hit in my direction that I hoped wouldn’t hit me! The most unbelievable part of the game came courtesy of Mookie Betts. During the seventh inning, Betts hit a foul ball that defied the trajectory of most fouls. Instead of going straight up into the air or towards the catcher, the ball flew backwards so high that it landed in one of the media boxes. I was astounded!

Fun on the Shoreline

Last weekend was my birthday, so I celebrated with my friends by adventuring on the Connecticut shoreline. The first place we went was the Taste of Mystic Food and Music Festival at Old Mystic Village. The Taste of Mystic had a lineup of fantastic restaurants from around the area. I indulged in a pad thai/garlic chicken combo from Pink Basil and some delicious black raspberry ice cream from Mango’s Homemade Ice Cream. My friends and I enjoyed the great food and fun atmosphere!

We then made our way to Mohegan Sun Casino, one of the two casinos in New London County. Mohegan Sun is known for its gambling and multitude of concerts, and it has a small cluster of shops and restaurants as well. Since it had been raining that afternoon, we walked around the casino for a few hours to kill some time. Finally the weather cleared up, and we drove back along the shoreline to Niantic (where one of my friends had parked his car). We strolled along the Niantic Bay Boardwalk, perused the Book Barn, and then had a fun dinner at The Black Sheep. The Black Sheep is a beautiful pub with an excellent dinner menu. I loved their portabello mushrooms with herbed cream cheese and spinach, and their large Black Sheep Salad was incredibly satisfying.

I will have another entry soon about my short Father’s Day vacation in Lake George, NY! Keep an eye on the blog to see what happens next!


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