Fourth of July with the Mets!

Last weekend was Fourth of July, which also coincided with two of my friends’ birthdays! Both of them love baseball, and it just so happened that the New York Mets were playing the Chicago Cubs that Saturday. We decided that this game was the perfect way to celebrate!

We took the train in from Fairfield Metro to Grand Central around mid-afternoon, and the first thing on our agenda was finding dinner. Since my two friends’ birthdays were coming up, we felt going to a sit-down restaurant was a better idea than ordering fast food. Not knowing what we would find, we walked into Times Square to explore. It was then that we found the Brooklyn Diner.

The Brooklyn Diner

The Brooklyn Diner provides classic All-American food for a great price. From burgers and steak to New York staples like pastrami on rye, one can find a meal to satisfy any craving. The atmosphere inside the diner is energetic, which isn’t surprising since you get a street view of Times Square.

My friends and I were very pleased with the dinner offerings. One of my friends ordered their hot pastrami on rye, and the other one got their cheeseburger. I also ordered a cheeseburger, but on gluten-free bread. The burger was juicy and flavorful, and the fries that came with them were tasty (albeit a little on the salty side). We all agreed that this meal was an excellent way to kick off the night. When we finished our meal, we sped off to the closest subway stop and made our way to the 7 train and Citi Field!

 Citi Field

I have a soft spot for Citi Field – this was the first ball park I ever went to for a Major Leage Baseball game. Citi Field replaced the old Shea Stadium in 2009, and is incredibly fun and family-friendly. Every part of the stadium I’ve sat in has had great sight lines, which is a plus when you want to watch an exciting game!

Citi FIeld at nightI was up in the 400’s for this game, which gave me a nice view of the diamond. The game was pretty exciting – the Mets got two two-run homers, which got the crowd pumped! Chicago got one two-run homer on the board, but eventually they fizzled out. By the end of the night, the Mets earned a hard fought victory. One of my friends and I were excited; the other one…not so much. (She was rooting for the Cubs.)

After the game was Citi Field’s annual Fourth of July fireworks show. It was phenomenal! Citi Field plays music to go along with the fireworks, and they are set off in time with the songs. I was having so much fun, and this show made the entire night.


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