Thai Gardens, The Outlets and Gomers

I’m back after a relatively uneventful weekend last week. My grandmother came to visit, and we were at home for the majority of the time; hence why I didn’t post an entry last week. However, this weekend has been pretty fun!

Thai Gardens

Friday night, one of my friends and I made plans to go to the Clinton Crossing Premium Outlets in Clinton. Since we were both coming from work, we decided to get an early dinner near her place in Middletown. We decided on Thai Gardens, a cute little restaurant on Main Street that my friend and her brother had been to before. The atmosphere was very calm, which was partially due to it being happy hour. The staff were friendly and accommodating to my gluten issues. My friend and I had their pad si ew, which included carrots, egg, and baby corn cobs. I had never had it with baby corn, so that was a new experience. Overall, the meal was delicious!

After dinner, we drove down to Clinton Crossing for a little retail therapy. My friend needed some work clothes for her new job, and I was happy to go with her (and do some shopping for myself). The highlight of my trip wasn’t shopping; however. My friend plays Pokémon Go (like EVERYONE else in the world aside from me. Curse you, data plan…), and as we were driving home she let me play for her on her phone. I now understand why people get hooked on that game. Discovering random landmarks that came up as Pokéstops was fun, and catching Pokémon was a rush! While I primarily ran across Ratatas, Pidgeys and Weedles, I did end up catching a Bellsprout and a Staryu. My friend was very appreciative of my luck. I was glad I got to play!

Karaoke at Gomers

Saturday night was even more exciting. A friend of mine is friends with Stefanie Karas, who is part of Do it Up Productions in Naugatuck. Stefanie’s karaoke events are an awesome time no matter the location. Her selection of songs is unmatched; if you ask for it, there’s a high likelihood she can find it. Stefanie also knows how to work a crowd and make karaoke a fun experience. I’ve been going to her karaoke nights at Blackstone Irish Pub in Southington when it doesn’t interfere with chorus, but this night she was at Gomers Bar and Grill.

Gomers is right off I-84 in Waterbury, and perfectly epitomizes the maxim “There’s more than meets the eye”. From the outside Gomers looks tiny, but once you get inside you see just how spacious it actually is. The bar is clean and bright, with multiple TVs to watch the game. The staff was great, and the drinks were reasonably priced. Their featured drink of the evening, the Drunken Snowcone, was $2!

I had gone to karaoke with a friend of mine who frequently attends Stefanie’s karaoke nights. One of his (many) talents is doing impressions, and he did not disappoint Saturday night. He decided to sing “These Boots Are Made for Walking” as Christopher Walken, complete with hilarious ad libs. He got the whole bar in stitches! I had a lot of fun rocking out to some of my favorite songs as well. If you’re looking for great karaoke, you have to go to a Do it Up night!


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