The beginning of this month a very emotional time for me. We had to put one of my dogs down that Tuesday, so my family was still recovering from that loss. At my brother’s request, we took a trip up to my grandmother’s in Ipswich, MA to visit him that Saturday. While we were up there, we were able to visit a few of our favorite places.

Downtown Ipswich

Ipswich may be small, but it has a beautiful and quaint downtown! One of my favorite places in downtown Ipswich is Zumi’s. Zumi’s is a small coffee shop with a warm, community atmosphere. It prides itself on serving sustainably sourced coffee and treats, and supporting the local and international community. The coffee is also delicious, which is a plus! I usually get a French Vanilla Latte while I am there, but when it’s in season their Pumpkin Spice Lattes are also delicious.

Russels Orchard

Another favorite spot of ours is on the outskirts of Ipswich; Russels Orchard. Russels not only boasts a wide variety of pick-your-own produce, but they have a spacious barn dedicated to selling a selection of baked goods, produce, and locally-sourced products! While we were there, my mother and I took part in their wine tasting. We sampled four wines made from fruits grown right on the property, with our favorite being their Apple Blueberry wine. Russels is a great place to bring kids, since there is so much to do!

Off the Vine

That evening, my mother, my brother’s girlfriend and I got dinner at Off the Vine Tuscan Grille in Rowley. That place is quite possibly my new favorite restaurant on the North Shore. It has a very relaxed, family-friendly vibe and a menu full of delicious food. They are primarily known for their flatbread pizzas, which is what my mother and my brother’s girlfriend had. They didn’t have any gluten-free flatbread, so I got their pan-seared salmon with an apple salad on the side. I absolutely loved what I chose to eat. The salads are large and very filling, and the salmon was cooked perfectly!

The weekend was a much-needed getaway after losing our beautiful dog. Since then, it’s been busy and difficult to finish this blog entry. Fear not, dear readers – I am back with more adventures to share! Keep an eye out for more entries coming soon!


3 thoughts on “Ipswich

  1. So sorry about your loss. Pet’s are such a big part of our family.

    Ipswich sounds like a great little place. I loved finding out about those fun tucked away restaurants. Your choices sound fab!


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