Opening Weekends

October is the best time of the year for many reasons: Halloween, fall festivals, and the beginning of hockey season! The past two weekends I have gone to opening night for the UCONN men’s hockey team, the Hartford Wolfpack and the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. All of the games were fun for various reasons, and all resulted in victories for the home team. Read on to see what happened!

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Southington Apple Harvest Festival

Two weekends ago was the opening of the Southington Apple Harvest Festival. Unfortunately, it was also the first weekend where we’ve had rain in over a month. The showers and blustery cold didn’t get me down, though. I had so much fun!

Downtown Southington

The Apple Harvest Festival takes place in the center of Southington, an area I know very well. When I was a kid, I learned to play clarinet at Apple Music when they were on Center Street. Walking down Center Street with my mom after music lessons was one of the highlights of my day, especially in the winter when the holiday decorations were out! Downtown has evolved since then, and in a good way. There are numerous restaurants and shops encompassing Main and Center streets, giving the curious wanderer lots of places to stop.

The Festival – but mostly about the food.

One of the main reasons people attend the Apple Harvest Festival is the famous Zion Lutheran Church apple fritters. The lines can get ridiculous! Unfortunately for me, there’s this thing called gluten that gets in the way. However, there were so many other options for me to enjoy! My friend and I got our dinner from the local Boy Scout troop, which was cooking grinders and baked potatoes. We both enjoyed our meal and supporting the Scouts. Then I found Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes, who had been at the Mum Festival a few weeks before! I was so excited to see them there because I had purchased a gluten free blueberry lemonade cupcake at the Mum Festival and really enjoyed it. This time, I got a gluten free lemon cupcake (I don’t remember the name at the moment), which I unfortunately found to be a little dry. Finally, my friend and I got soft serve ice cream with the signature topping of the evening – hot apple filling! As odd as it sounds, it tasted amazing – like eating the inside of an apple pie with vanilla ice cream!

Aside from the food, there were a lot of different vendors representing community groups around Southington. My friend and I took refuge from the rain and cold in the First Congregational Church of Southington craft show, which was a fun thing to see. The craft show had quilted items, homemade goods and franchise booths (i.e. Tastefully Simple). They also had a small raffle which had a few items of interest to me.

Despite the rain, it was great to get out and enjoy a community festival!