Opening Weekends

October is the best time of the year for many reasons: Halloween, fall festivals, and the beginning of hockey season! The past two weekends I have gone to opening night for the UCONN men’s hockey team, the Hartford Wolfpack and the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. All of the games were fun for various reasons, and all resulted in victories for the home team. Read on to see what happened!

Night #1: UCONN vs. University of Alabama – Huntsville

The first game I went to was UCONN against the University of Alabama – Huntsville. This game was an easy win for UCONN – they shut them out! Alabama-Huntsville is a non-conference team (UCONN is in Hockey East), so in terms of conference statistics it wasn’t a huge game. However, it did show how UCONN has grown since last season. I hope the momentum they had during the Alabama-Huntsville game continues! (Note: UCONN has tied their last two games since the Alabama-Huntsville shutout. Go Huskies!)

I was able to watch the game from Section 115 again, and ran into part of the dynamic comedy duo that usually sits there. He was with a different set of buddies, so there wasn’t as much hilarious commentary this time around. Regardless, I enjoyed watching the game!

After the game, my friend and I got dinner at Max Burger in West Hartford Center. Max Burger is known for their delicious artisinal burgers, and there is ALWAYS a crowd! My favorite burger of theirs is the Grateful Veg; a quinoa veggie burger topped with cheddar cheese, onions, avocado and roasted tomatoes. It’s so moist and flavorful that you forget it doesn’t have meat! My friend got the Jacked-up Chicken burger which, in his words, was “everything I want in a burger.” When we left the restaurant, we were completely satisfied with our meals!

Night #2: Hartford Wolfpack vs. St. John’s IceCaps

Hartford WolfpackFriday night was the Hartford Wolfpack’s season opener against the St. John’s IceCaps. Since it was the first game (and it was held at home), the crowd was enormous! There was also a ton of fanfare to kick off the beginning of the AHL season. During the first intermission, the Portland High School marching band performed a rousing rendition of “The Final Countdown”. I thoroughly enjoyed this, considering I was a “band geek” in high school. Marching was one of my favorite parts of band, and seeing Portland brought back great memories. The second intermission brought the cutest part of the game; a mini hockey match between West Hartford Youth Hockeymembers of the West Hartford Youth Hockey Mite In-House team! These young players are just learning the game, so watching them skate around and try to score was absolutely adorable!

The game itself was pretty good. Hartford was better skilled than St. John’s, but there were players on St. John’s that stood out and put up a fight. In the end, Hartford won the game by a sizeable margin.

Night #3: Bridgeport Sound Tigers vs. Providence Bruins

Bridgeport vs ProvidenceLast night, I traveled down to Bridgeport to watch the Sound Tigers’s opening game against the Providence Bruins. This game was more evenly matched than Hartford and St. John’s; both teams played with intensity, and a few fights even broke out! While I was rooting for Providence (they’re the farm team for the Boston Bruins), I was impressed with how well Bridgeport was able to play offense and score. I’m very happy I went to this game!



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