Succulents and Singing

Yesterday was the busiest day of my weekend. After my morning exercise class, I was off to do two things I’ve never done before: Plant Nite and the Harwinton Hometown Holiday Celebration!

Plant NitePlant Nite

Plant Nite follows the same concept as Paint Nite (it’s actually owned by the same company); take over a bar or restaurant and teach people how to create a work of gardening art! My Plant Nite took place at Bertucci’s in Bishop’s Corner, West Hartford. The event was at capacity – over 40 people attended! However, I was not as impressed with the event as I probably should have been. It was difficult to find the succulents that I wanted; I had to switch one of them with an extra that was lying around. We also had a limited selection of rocks and moss to decorate with (mainly because our table had one set of rocks and moss when we were apparently supposed to have two. We didn’t get the second set until 15 minutes later). Finally, the service at Bertucci’s was less than stellar. My friend didn’t get the lemon she requested with her tea and it took two waiters to get the dessert I was splitting with another friend. Unfortunately, I would not recommend attending a Plant Nite. Continue reading “Succulents and Singing”