The Women’s March on Hartford

I am still processing the unbelieveable things I witnessed at the Women’s March on Hartford. People of all races, religions, nationalities, and identities stood together on the lawn of the Legislative Office Building (LOB); voicing their concerns about the future and finding solidarity in each other. It was a peaceful but powerful demonstration that left me awestruck.

Why I March

img_1817I felt compelled to march Saturday because of a cause very close to my heart: mental health and disability rights. My lived experiences have shown me that people with mental illnesses are people first, and the stigma associated with having a mental illness compounds the pain of the illness itself. The challenges people with disabilities face are incredible: the ARC finds that most people with disabilities are either unemployed or underemployed. They also face similar stigma to those with mental illnesses.

The events of this political season shocked me to my core and made me worry about what would happen to the people I’ve encountered throughout my life. As the weeks and months have gone by, it’s become increasingly more apparent that now is the time to stand up for what I believe in. Prior to Saturday the urge to be “active” (as it were) came in whispers, shrouded in anxiety. But now is not the time to be afraid.

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