Running Ragged

Have you ever had one of those days (or weeks…or months) where you have done so many things that eventually your mind and body begs you to slow down and let it catch up? Well, that has been me since my last entry. So many things (both good and bad) have happened since the Women’s March on Hartford that I haven’t had the time to sit and reflect. So, here I am.


At the very end of January, I got to do two very exciting things. First, I got to check out a New York Islanders game at Barclays Center. This was the first time I ever visited the Barclays, and I was impressed by the grandeur of it. Some say that it’s not a great arena for watching hockey because of the smaller rink size, but it did have great sight lines! I was up in the nosebleeds for this game, and I was able to have a good view of the entire rink. I was also next to the Blue and Orange Army (a group of Islanders fans that is the hockey equivalent of the Mets 7-Line Army), which was pretty fun!

Next was my Winter Regional Weekend for chorus in Newport, RI. Our regional weekends are the Sweet Adelines version of conferences for different professions. They’re held at hotels around our region, and there are a variety of seminars we can take to help us further improve our craft. This weekend was held at the Newport Marriott, which was absolutely GORGEOUS! The hotel is decorated with a nautical theme (because what else do you do when you’re literally next to the Atlantic Ocean), but in a classy and upscale fashion. The rooms have what looked to be white sails as a headboard against the beds, and ropes around the lights as decoration. The gym was also a plus for my visit – it scales two floors, so you can fit a “full size” gym into a smaller space. I found it to be very clean and able to meet my exercizing needs. The best part about the hotel was how central it was to shopping and restaurants!


As far as months go, February was the craziest. Every weekend was filled with some sort of activity or obligation. I held a small Superbowl party at my house with my closest friends, which was pretty fun. A couple weeks later was my dad’s 60th birthday, so we held a surprise party for him at home. This was an exciting (yet completely nerve-wracking) event; tons of family and friends came, and we got delicious food and desserts from Hall’s Market and Cake Gypsy to satisfy the crowd. My dad was surprised and happy about the party!

One weekend, I went skiing with a friend at Mount Southington, a small ski area in Central Connecticut. I’m pretty familiar with Mount Southington as my elementary school went there for Ski Club. It wasn’t the enormous monstrosity I thought it was as a child, but it was still a ton of fun! The trails are excellent for novice skiiers; the one black diamond trail they have felt like more of a blue square to me. My friend and I took on the slopes for a few hours until the biting cold finally brought us indoors for the day.

Another weekend led to a trip to Mohegan Sun to see the band Pop Evil at the Wolf Den. The Wolf Den is an awesome venue to begin with – there is literally no bad seat in the house. The tickets to shows at the Wolf Den are free; but seating is first come first serve as a result. My friend and I took refuge at the bar behind the Wolf Den (since the line to get in was enormous), and it turned out to be the best idea we had all evening. We had a direct view of the stage, so I got to see and hear everything perfectly! Pop Evil put on a spectacular show – they were fun, engaging, and got everybody on their feet. There was even an elderly couple swing dancing to their songs! I definitely want to see them again!

Finally, last weekend led to a couple culinary adventures in Middletown. My friends and I went to Krust, which is an up-and-coming pizza bar in NoRa. The restaurant has a minimalist, hipster aesthetic which allows the visitor to focus on the delicious food. Their pizza is topped with unique ingredients (brussel sprouts, for one), which separates them from other restaurants in the area. I was fortunate to find they had gluten-free crust available for my pizza. However, on this particular night my first pizza got burnt, and the second one was undercooked. The staff were really nice to me about it, though, and I know they were making an effort to make sure I got something good to eat. I would definitely visit Krust again, particularly because of the staff experience!

The second place we went was Zero Degree Thai Ice Cream. The concept of their restaurant is cool – the ice cream is made in front of you on an antigriddle, and you get unlimited toppings on it. However, I did not feel the “flair” was worth the hour long wait. The ice cream itself wasn’t as good as I thought it would be when I got it, which was a disappointment. If you want to visit Zero Degree, make sure you do it at a day and time where it won’t be crowded. You may have a better experience than I did.


De-stress in Northampton

Catching Up

The past few weeks haven’t been too out of the ordinary. I had one weekend where I didn’t stray far from home. Then there was Halloween.  I had attempted to attend the New Britain Museum of American Art‘s Museum After Dark Halloween party that Friday night.  This event is SUPER popular: people come in amazing homemade costumes, and there are lots of fun things to do. This year was so packed that the event was sold out before 7 PM…and I hadn’t pre-ordered my ticket. Night one of Halloween weekend = bust. The next night, a group of my friends and I went to Rooftop 120 in Glastonbury for their Halloween party. I will admit to not being impressed with it; the contests they were holding were poorly organized and it took WAY too long to hand out the prizes for them.

After Halloween I went out to a Hartford Wolfpack game with one of my friends. We got dinner at Agave Grill beforehand, and it was DELICIOUS! I got the enchiladas, which I really enjoyed. Then…a little event called the Presidential election happened. Like a lot of people I know, the aftermath of the election really stressed me out. Fortunately, I found a way to escape: grab a bunch of my friends and go to Northampton! Continue reading “De-stress in Northampton”

Opening Weekends

October is the best time of the year for many reasons: Halloween, fall festivals, and the beginning of hockey season! The past two weekends I have gone to opening night for the UCONN men’s hockey team, the Hartford Wolfpack and the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. All of the games were fun for various reasons, and all resulted in victories for the home team. Read on to see what happened!

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Fourth of July with the Mets!

Last weekend was Fourth of July, which also coincided with two of my friends’ birthdays! Both of them love baseball, and it just so happened that the New York Mets were playing the Chicago Cubs that Saturday. We decided that this game was the perfect way to celebrate!

We took the train in from Fairfield Metro to Grand Central around mid-afternoon, and the first thing on our agenda was finding dinner. Since my two friends’ birthdays were coming up, we felt going to a sit-down restaurant was a better idea than ordering fast food. Not knowing what we would find, we walked into Times Square to explore. It was then that we found the Brooklyn Diner. Continue reading “Fourth of July with the Mets!”

A Month of Adventuring

It’s been a while since I last wrote. Frankly I’ve been wondering what direction this blog should go next. I’ve been posting about my weekends and the places I’ve been, but I don’t know if that is enough. I want to know what you would like to see on this site, or if there are any places you would like me to feature! Post a comment, and I will make sure to read it!

Anyways, back to the blog:

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Saint Mary's by the Sea

My Weekend in Bridgeport

Anything can Happen

Last weekend was the definition of “anything can happen”. Aside from my weekly exercise class, I had no plans; leaving me itching for adventure. I called one of my friends to see what he was up to, and he invited me to come down to his place and go to the Bridgeport Sound Tigers game that evening. The Sound Tigers were in the Calder Cup playoffs and playing a formidable opponent; the Toronto Marlies. Based on what my friend was telling me, I knew it would be an exciting game.

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Huskies and Bruins

Sorry for the delay! It’s been a very busy week and I now have a chance to blog. Last weekend was mostly hockey, with a road trip to Rhode Island in between!

Game #1: UCONN Senior Night

Goal Celebration

Friday night I went to UCONN’s senior night at the XL Center. I hadn’t been feeling so great, but the game was sure to perk me up. I got there a little late and as I was entering the arena, UCONN had scored their first goal of the night. Unlike the last game, where UCONN was playing a much better team, UCONN was more evenly matched.


I was back in Section 115 again, and the two guys I sat in front of last time were back and as funny as ever. During the second and third period, they were doing a running commentary that left everyone in stitches. With them, and UCONN’s eventual victory, Senior Night was a huge success!

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